The Intuition Mission
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"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"
- Einstein

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The Intuition Mission
     It is time for humanity to try a new way of thinking.
     Knocking down buildings, killing one another, blowing up buses - these things have never solved our problems.
     Finding out what higher intelligence wants us to do, and then doing it... that will solve our problems, improve conditions on planet earth, and convert the planet into a paradise.
     That's what our intuition is for... so we can find out what God wants us to do... and get the guidance and help we need to do it!

Sent by a higher power
     All the evidence indicates that we were sent here by a higher power - by somebody or something with more power than we have, because they have the power to send us. I don't remember being asked if I wanted to come.
     It stands to reason that we are sent here with a job to do... a mission.
     And scientific research gives us a good idea of the general outline of that mission:
     To develop and fully use all of the resources of planet earth, and by doing so, convert the planet into a paradise.

Determined through scientific method
     Scientific method has some tough requirements:
     First, you must be able to verify your results objectively. This has always been a difficult  challenge when dealing with spiritual (non-physical) subjects. But it can be done.
     Second, scientific validity demands confirmation - replication. We confirm through repeatability.
     This is easy to do when you set up your projects correctly.

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